Welcome to the CornBinder Connection!  This is a full color quarterly magazine that began in the Fall of 2012.  We cover the IH light truck & Scout line of vehicles, including pickups, Scouts, Travelalls, Travelettes, Wagonmasters, and any other small IH vehicle. 


        See picture above of the Fall 2018 issue (Vol. 7 No. 1) which is due out by mid October.  It is now the current issue and will be the first issue of a paid subscription until December 31, 2018.  


    The CornBinder Connection is a full color 32 page magazine that is published 4 times per year - January, April, July, October.  The dates of each quarter are as follows: 


-The Winter issue will be available with a subscription from January 1 - March 31.

-The Spring issue will be available with a subscription from April 1 - June 30. 

-The Summer issue will be available with a subscription from July 1 - September 30. 

-The Fall issue will be available with a subscription from October 1 - December 31.


Depending upon which quarter you subscribe in will dictate which issue your subscription will start with.

At the end of each quarter that issue becomes a back issue and is available for purchase as a back issue only at that point for $6.00 each postage paid (see the 'Subscribe/Back Issues' page for more details).

    At this time we are also asking for anyone who wants to share a restoration story, pictures, or anything else related to any IH light truck line vehicle, to please send that information to us at this time.  We also have a mailbox section, so please send us a picture of your IH ride!  You can send all pictures, stories, and any other items via email to: 

Sell@cornbinderconnection.com or to our mailing address at: CornBinder Connection, P.O. Box 1827, Butler, Pa 16003.

If you own, collect, use or just enjoy a small IH vehicle then this is the magazine for you and we hope you will consider a subscription.  The CornBinder Connection  covers the entire IH light truck & Scout line beginning in the early 1900's with the Auto Wagon and ending when the last Scout rolled off the assembly line in 1980.


For more information on subscribing please click the 'Subscribe/Back Issues' tab.